How to report a video on swot?

Ans:- For reporting any videos, you should consult with us using support@swot.asia. Our team will look into the issue and if we find it inappropriate then we will remove that content.

Which kind of content, swot does not accept?

Ans:- We do not accept any abusive, adult content, religious content and any other content that can harm our community.

Do SWOT use cookies?

Ans:- Yes, we use cookies for sending regular updates about our application updates and some trending activities more.

Why has my content been removed from SWOT?

Ans:- SWOT remove content because of the policies violence and inappropriate content.

How to block a user on SWOT?

Ans:- For blocking any user, you can direct send a mail to our support team support@swot.asia.

Why has SWOT removed my account?

Ans:- There are a lot of reasons for account removal such as content policies, inappropriate accounts, flagged content and some genuine reporting against your account.

How to claim copyright of my own video?

Ans:- If you claim any copyright on any of the videos, our team will investigate the complaint and if found appropriate then we will resolve the issue.

How to create an account on swot?

Ans:- For creating an account, you have to use your gmail account, facebook account or you can use your phone number.

I want to make videos, how should I make it?

Ans:- Just choose a template, add music and start making your video.

Is Swot free or paid?

Ans:- Swot is completely free, we don't need any charges for making videos or adding any filters.